Cell Phone Addiction Counseling

Cell Phone Addiction CounselingCell phone addiction is a lot like the telephone addiction that has occurred with teenage girls since the 1950s. Only now, we can be on the phone anywhere and everywhere.

We can talk, text, send pictures, surf the internet – the list of things that we can do on a cell phone are seemingly endless. It may be hard to believe, but some people have such a serious cell phone addiction that is requires formal behavioral addiction treatment.

There is little doubt that Apple’s iPhone is one of the most miraculous interventions ever conceived, but exactly how much time would it take someone to become proficient in the 100,000 “apps” that are available for it? Maybe if I gave up eating, working, and sleeping, I could learn them all before I reach my twilight years.

How Cell Phone Addiction Happens

Although experts say constant use of mobile devices hasn’t been diagnosed as an addiction as of yet, it can still be seen as an addiction. Some contend that it’s fast on its way to being classified as a disease similar to drug addiction, alcoholism or gambling.

David Greenfield, a psychologist and expert on internet-related behaviors, predicted a decade ago that people would become dependent on mobile devices. According to Greenfield, he knew this dependence would be even more than the need for PCs and laptops. Greenfield said that part of the allure lies in the fact that cell phones don’t weigh much and fit easily into a pocket or a purse. This makes their use much easier at almost any time.

Greenfield says constant and continual use of mobile devices produces neuro-chemical responses in the body similar to gambling and other compulsive behaviors. For example,when compulsive gamblers win a hand, they are motivated to keep playing till they win again, no matter how much they have lost.

Cell phone addiction is becoming common as cell phones have become more common. If you are constantly texting, avoiding work and is preoccupied with your phone, you might be addicted. Studies show that cell phone addiction is similar to pathological gambling.

Signs of Cell Phone Addiction

Counseling for Cell Phone AddictionIf you have any of the following signs, you may be more than just a little too attached to your cell phone:

  1. Are you addicted to your cell phone?
  2. Are you uncomfortable if you are out of reach of your cell phone?
  3. Are you constantly checking to see if you have a missed call?
  4. Are you constantly texting?
  5. Are you constantly using or looking for new “apps”?
  6. Is there decreased production due to your cell phone use?

If you can answer yes to these questions, it’s a fair guess that you are addicted. Other signs of addiction is feeling anxious and depressed without your phone and using it to escape feelings of loneliness and isolation is another sign.

Addiction Counseling Can Help

Breaking a cell phone addiction can be difficult because we need our phones to be able to communicate. To learn more about how counseling can help or to make an appointment, please call my office.

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